When should I ship my pieces?

— You are expected to ship your pieces within 1-2 weeks

How many pieces should I ship?

— For clothing designers we recommend to ship 11-15 pieces, for jewelry/accessory designers 15-25 pieces

What sizes should I choose?

— It is up to you, however the most popular clothing sizes for editorials are 0-4 US, shoe sizes 9-10 US

How do I know if I get a request for an editorial or celebrity pull?

— You can be notified via a text message with a summary of the request details. You can also see all request details on your personal page

When/how will I receive pictures?

— You can receive via the Flying Solo App and/or though email after they are published. Images from events are usually available within a week, digital editorials take 4-6 weeks, print editorials may take 8-16 weeks depending on a publication

Are all pieces insured?

—Yes, all pieces are insured by Flying Solo